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liz lemon ☠
09 November 2009 @ 12:33 am
[Girlfriends] (12:30:58 AM): ("bluffin with my muffin" oohalisahmm) did kelly go diddle herslef to miley
au revoir sara (12:31:03 AM): lmfao
au revoir sara (12:31:06 AM): maybe she drowned
au revoir sara (12:31:13 AM): and party in the usa is on repeat
[Girlfriends] (12:31:18 AM): ("bluffin with my muffin" oohalisahmm) LMFAO
[Girlfriends] (12:31:32 AM): ("bluffin with my muffin" oohalisahmm) i hope Tardy for the party plays when idie
au revoir sara (12:31:35 AM): LMFAO
au revoir sara (12:31:39 AM): imagine
[Girlfriends] (12:31:47 AM): ("bluffin with my muffin" oohalisahmm) om lfmaooooooooo
au revoir sara (12:31:50 AM): i wonder what i'll be obsessed with when i die
[Girlfriends] (12:31:56 AM): ("bluffin with my muffin" oohalisahmm) old women
au revoir sara (12:31:58 AM): do u think tunney and tina and megan will come to my funeral
au revoir sara (12:31:59 AM): LMFAO
au revoir sara (12:32:03 AM): DING DING DING
[Girlfriends] (12:32:06 AM): ("SHIT IS CRITICAL" bangabox) they'll met u in heaven
au revoir sara (12:32:08 AM): shut up alisa
[Girlfriends] (12:32:09 AM): ("SHIT IS CRITICAL" bangabox) MILF HEAVEN
au revoir sara (12:32:12 AM): lmfaoooooo
[Girlfriends] (12:32:21 AM): ("SHIT IS CRITICAL" bangabox) theyll b waitin
[Girlfriends] (12:32:25 AM): ("SHIT IS CRITICAL" bangabox) with open
[Girlfriends] (12:32:26 AM): ("SHIT IS CRITICAL" bangabox) arms..
[Girlfriends] (12:32:27 AM): ("SHIT IS CRITICAL" bangabox) LMAO
au revoir sara (12:32:27 AM): lmfao
au revoir sara (12:32:28 AM): open legs
[Girlfriends] (12:32:34 AM): ("SHIT IS CRITICAL" bangabox) open tits
au revoir sara (12:32:40 AM): lmfao gruesome
[Girlfriends] (12:32:42 AM): ("SHIT IS CRITICAL" bangabox) wide open chests
au revoir sara (12:32:44 AM): i'm posting this to lj btw
[Girlfriends] (12:32:46 AM): ("SHIT IS CRITICAL" bangabox) LMFAO
[Girlfriends] (12:32:49 AM): ("SHIT IS CRITICAL" bangabox) OH GOD
[Girlfriends] (12:32:49 AM): ("SHIT IS CRITICAL" bangabox) LMAO
[Girlfriends] (12:32:50 AM): ("SHIT IS CRITICAL" bangabox) OK
liz lemon ☠
06 August 2008 @ 02:46 am
au revoir sara (2:45:45 AM): omg my mind was blown away when i found out stephen hawking was british
mohogany28 (2:45:46 AM): omg what
Ooh alisa hmm (2:45:53 AM): ogm what
au revoir sara (2:45:54 AM): paula's mind is currently blown
mohogany28 (2:45:55 AM): he is?!
au revoir sara (2:45:57 AM): LMFAO
Ooh alisa hmm (2:45:59 AM): MINE IS TOO
au revoir sara (2:46:04 AM): ok you guys make me feel so much better sometimes
mohogany28 (2:46:07 AM): funny because he doesnt have an accent